offers the best Midi Controller Templates for TB Midi Stuff (iOS) for your favorite VST Synthesizers.


Dear all,


please be informed that due to hard lack of time I need to stop the full support of my templates and will give you all access to use them for free (for a an unknown time!!!) 


Thanks to all who supported my lil project, to who'm bought my templates and thanks for all of your kind feedback.


I will be back with more stuff but till then they are for free now! 

- no password

- full access




My interview (in german language) with

I'm also working on Presets for a selection of Synthesizers as well as producing Tracks of different styles, but electronic!

All Templates tested with TBMS in the current Version on:

iPad 2 with iOS 7 (very Stable, no artefacts)

iPad 2 + 3 + 4 + Air with iOS 8 (very Stable, tiny graphical "artefacts" in the Editor taskbar  when using the Editor)

iPad 2 + 3 + 4 + Air with iOS 9 (same as on iOS 8 but with a much better Memory Management especially with the DIVA Template on older iPad's like 2 or 3) 

Test on Air 2 and Pro may follow when I have the Chance!